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    Barium Sulfate 7727-43-7,13462-86-7

    Category :

    Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

    Barium Sulfate
    EC NO :
    MF :
    MW :
    Specification :
    barium sulfate,white barite powder,barytes,blanc fixe,superfine barium sulphate
    Packing :
    25kg/1000kg Plastic Woven Bag, In plastic woven bag lined with plastic; net wt. net wt. 25kgs/bag, stored in dry warehouse; no mixing with color articles; handle with are to protect packing.
    Product description :
    Product :Barium sulfate Purity (%) : 96%-98.5% Appearance : white powder Application : used in pharmaceutical industry, leather industry, printing and dyeing industry Assay 90~99%,325~6000 mesh. HS code : 2833270000 Molecular formula: BaSO4 CAS No.: 7727-43-7 H.S. Code: 2833270000 Melting point :1580degree , becomes crystal when 1149degree, easy to go lump when it is dried. Relative density :4.5 (15degree) Solubility: insoluble in wait and acid. Only 0.0024g/100g in water , soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid but water , alcohol , thin acid. Becomes lump when it is dried . No poison of industry precipitated barium sulfate itself , but maybe it is toxic of soluble Barium. Application of Barium Sulfate: 1.Widely use as raw material and filler of powder coating,many types of paintings,inculding Vessel priming paint, Armament equipement painting,finishing coat, automobile paint, emulsion paint, architectural coating, 2. Partly instead titanium dioxide,broadly use in tire rubber, insulated rubber,rubber hose, slab rubber,plastic,printing ink. 3. Filling of battery. 4. Surface coating of photographic paper and enamelled paper,sizing agent of textile industry. 5. Clarifying agent of glass products, defoaming and increase luster. 6. Protective material from ray(X-ray).
    Uses :
    Printing: Used as ink filling, can increase adhesion, keep bright color, clear, no-fading. Filling: Used as filling in tire rubber, insulating rubber, plastic sheet, tape, engineering plastic. can increase anti-aging and weather resistance of products.
    Synonyms :
    C.I. 77120;C.I. Pigment White 21;Barite;Bariumsulfate,precipitated;Bariumsulfate;bariumsulfuricum;barium sulphate PRECIPITATED;Blanc fixe;barium sulfuricum;Baryte;Barytes;Barium sulphate;pricipitated Barium sulphate;
    Molecular Structure :
    Barium Sulfate 7727-43-7,13462-86-7