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    barium sulfate precipitated 7727-43-7,13462-86-7

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    Paint and Coatings

    barium sulfate precipitated
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    Our barium sulphate is super-fine powder made from high quality barite. After thoroughly grinding, the end prducts have good dispersbility, high whiteness, nice covering power, stable chemical properties. When it been used as filler in coating or paint, c
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    25KG/Bag, Ton Bag or Customize
    Product description :
    barium sulfate precipitated Chemical formula: BaSO4 Molecular weight: 233.39000 Appearance: White Powder, unscented Insoluble in water, Typical Analysis: Purity (BaSO4) 96-98% Whiteness (L) 90-98% Mositure % ≤0.3% Oil absorption ml/100g 14.0-16.0 PH value 6.5-8.5 Average Particle Size(D50) 0.8-1.0 D97 2 Specific Gravity g/cm ? 4.1-4.2 Packing; 25kg/1000kg Plastic Woven Bag Uses: It is widely used as filler in powder coating, oil paint, paper making, plastics, rubber, ceramics, EVA ,NVH sheet, friction material and etc.
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    powder coating mainly
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