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    barium sulphate 7727-43-7

    Category :

    Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

    barium sulphate
    CAS NO :
    EC NO :
    MF :
    MW :
    Specification :
    Purity ≧ 90%; Whiteness ≧ 92%; Average Particle Size D50: 5.0~6.5μm
    Packing :
    25KG/Bag, Ton Bag or Customize
    Product description :
    Product Advantages of Dull Barium Sulphate BD711 ◆Dull Barium Sulphate Economical Products ◆Uniform particle size distribution, good extinction effect , widely used in many fields. ◆Used to flat type and texture of fine arts powder coating with gloss less than 60 degree,suitable for indoor molding powder.
    Uses :
    Powder Coating/ Water-based Paint/ Oil Paint/ Ink/ Plastic/ Rubber/ Paper/ Ceramic
    Synonyms :
    C.I. 77120;C.I. Pigment White 21;Barite;Bariumsulfate,precipitated;Bariumsulfate;bariumsulfuricum;barium sulphate PRECIPITATED;Blanc fixe;barium sulfuricum;Baryte;Barytes;Barium sulphate;pricipitated Barium sulphate;
    Molecular Structure :
    barium sulphate 7727-43-7