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  • Vinyl Silicone MQ Resin  

    Product Name:Vinyl Silicone MQ Resin Series Main Composition:Ethylene Silicone Resin Character: Appearance: Transparent liquid M/Q Rate: 0.8 Density(25°C): 0.... >>>

    Ningbo Runhe High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd.     
  • Crosslinking agent  68037-59-2

    Product Name:Cross-linking Agent for Silicone Rubber Main Composition:Hydrogen polydimethylsiloxane Specifications: Appearance: Colourless transparent liquid D... >>>

    Ningbo Runhe High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd.     
  • Vinyl Pyridine Latex  25053-48-9;9050-89-9

    Vinyl Pyridine Latex is a co-polymer emulsion with Butadiene,Styrene,and 2-Vinylpyridine.This product is the key component for the binder used for tyre fabric(cord fabri... >>>

    Zibo Zhangdian Oriental Chemical Co., Ltd.    
  • CSM RUBBER Chlorosulphonated polyethylene;(Hypalon)  

    Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene(CSM) is a kind of whiye or yellowish elastomer produced by sulfonation and Chiorination using high density polyethylene(or low density poly... >>>

    Jilin Xingyun Chemical Co.,Ltd of Jilin Chemical Group Corp.    
  • Acrylonitrile ButadieneStyrene(ABS Resin)  

    A. Marking The full information such as name of manufacturer, name of product, trade mark, brand, batch number , net weight and date of production should have be printe... >>>

    Jilin Xingyun Chemical Co.,Ltd of Jilin Chemical Group Corp.    
  • triethyl phosphate  78-40-0

    Appearance at 25℃: Colorless transparent liquid Assay: 99.5% Min Free Acid(mgKOH/g): 0.05Max Water: 0.2%Max Density: 1.068 Refractive Index: 1.405-1.407 Chlorides... >>>

  • Phenyl Hydrogen Silicone Resin  

    Product Name:Phenyl Hydrogen Silicone Resin RH-SH Series Character: Appearance: Transparent liquid Viscosity:50-300cps H Contents: 0.2-0.9% wt Refractive index:... >>>

    Ningbo Runhe High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd.     
  • Polysiloxanes di-Me hydrogen-terminated  

    Product name: Polysiloxanes di-Me hydrogen-terminated Advantage: (1).Compared to others, Cross-linking Agent for Silicone Rubber made from High-performance Hydroge... >>>

    Ningbo Runhe High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd.     
  • Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate  29923-31-7;42926-22-7

    ;Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate;Sodium lauroylglutamate;sodium (2S)-4-carboxy-2-(dodecanoylamino)butanoate;N-dodecanoyl-L-glutamic acid;sodium 1-[(5-oxidanidyl-5-oxidanylidene... >>>

    Jiangsu Blossom Bio-chemical Co., Ltd    
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